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Alyssa Lynn Little

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Alyssa Lynn Little

As a kid, I was very shy. I never really knew how to communicate until I picked up the guitar. I wrote my first song when I was 13 and from there you couldn't get me to stop writing. Over the years, many dark clouds shadowed me. I lost some friends, I lost myself, I went through hell and back, and I almost gave up completely, but music is what saved me. As of now, I have my EP which includes five original tracks and a bonus track that I wrote for Redneck Rising TV! I was very lucky to work with Drew Middleton, a producer in Nashville who did amazing work on this album! Also, I am happy to say I have the best band ever. They taught me to never be afraid of who I am and to keep writing.

Alyssa hails from Cohocton, New York and will be performing with her guitarist/vocalist Matt.             


Website: https://alyssalynnlittle.com
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/alyssalynnlittle
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alyssalynnlittle/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCJAB1tApg68d7ejuWI4JEQ

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Seth Bernard - Friday November 22nd, 2019

Born and raised on Earthwork Farm in rural Northern Michigan, Seth Bernard was brought up in the folk and farmstead culture with an enriching integrative experience of the arts, agriculture, and community. In 2001, Seth founded Earthwork Music, a renowned Michigan-based collective of successful independent musicians who focus their efforts on environmental advocacy, social justice, creative empowerment and community building. 

Seth has traveled the world and blanketed the US as a magnetic performer and uplifting cultural worker and is equally at home fronting a large electrified ensemble as he is holding a crowd with nothing but an acoustic guitar. Seth has served as the Director of the Musical Ambassador Program for On the Ground where he helped cultivate partnerships and cultural exchanges between communities in southern Mexico, Ethiopia and eastern Congo and communities in Michigan with a focus on solidarity and creative collaboration. “Eggs” Bernard is a NMEAC Environmentalist of the Year Award winner for Arts Education and has worked with SEEDS and On Stage for Kids bringing nature-based experiential creative empowerment to young people across the Great Lakes region and beyond. 

In early 2018, Bernard launched the Clean Water Campaign for Michigan, a social movement using storytelling and music to amplify the groundswell of support for water issues. 

Seth is a prolific songwriter and recording artist with 12 solo albums and a dozen more collaborative projects in his catalogue. He's won 8 Jammie awards as a recording artist and producer, and has been a longtime iconic leader and steward of Michigan’s music community. His newest work, "Eggtones", is a four album series released over the last 2 years to critical acclaim.  

“I know that the future of music is in good hands with people like Seth around to be its caretaker. More importantly, I know the future of our world is in good hands.” -Greg Brown, Folk Legend 

"This music not only swings, rocks, and grooves–it matters. It’s the voice of a real community, with a sound and a message the world needs to hear." -Bill McKibben, Author, environmentalist, journalist 

"The argument for the most influential human in the Michigan music uprising of the past decade may begin and end with one Seth Bernard." -Jack Clark, Red House Concerts


Website: https://www.samuelsethbernard.com
iTunes: https://geo.music.apple.com/us/artist/seth-bernard/65122791?mt=1&app=music
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eggsbernard/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOcPB7TpSUGvlZJfSDaUZ_g

Leah Ou - Friday October 25th, 2019

Introducing Leah Ou, Rochester's Own Pipa Player by Neal Ganguli

Have you ever heard someone play the pipa before? ,,,Hailing from Chengdu, China, Leah is a classically trained pipa teacher and performer, and she’s come to Rochester to put a new spin on traditional Chinese music. Using techniques she’s worked on since she was 6 years old, she both performs classical Chinese music as well as her own compositions taking inspiration from American rock and folk genres.

When Leah first started to travel to Rochester, she found herself busking at the public market and the Jazz Festival, and people started to take notice – after all, according to Leah, it’s hard to find pipa musicians in Rochester. As a classical musician, she does enjoy performing more traditional, composed work, but she's always had her own ideas on how to apply the techniques she's learned in new ways – she’s not afraid to draw upon deeper, personal experiences and express them in her music. Leah is currently working on her second album, which will include a mixture of classical Chinese techniques and her own compositions, collaborating with other local musicians to both compliment and highlight the pipa. The sound of the pipa is very familiar to Leah; it’s important to her that others have the experience of listening to such a unique instrument, and I would encourage you to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to do so.


Bandcamp: https://ospipa.bandcamp.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/imospipa
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8vJks-hFNg

Kinloch Nelson Friday July 19st, 2019

Kinloch Nelson's 45-year career has run the gamut from solo Classical recitals and Folk concerts to club and festival dates playing Country, Jazz, Rock, Rockabilly, and R&B.  He has contributed to Acoustic Guitar Magazine, been reviewed in Just Jazz Guitar Magazine, been featured in concert on PBS TV and Radio, and performed around the US and the UK. 

Performance credits, among others include Time/Warner Jazz Festival, Montreal Jazz Festival, Fretted Instrument Guild of America; Newport, Healdsburg, and Miami Guitar Shows, The NAAM Shows in Nashville & Los Angeles, and ten years as a regular performer and teacher at the Luthier's Invitational Guitar Festival in Woodstock NY.

Over the years Nelson has opened for John Renborn, David Bromberg, Tommy Emmanuel, Spider John Koerner, and Leo Kotke among others, and done concerts together with Laurence Juber (Paul McCartney & Wings), Mark Goldenberg (Jackson Brown) Muriel Anderson (NAMM All Star Guitar Night),  Teje Gerken (Acoustic Guitar Mag), Al Petteway (Ken Burns documentaries), Don Alder, Stephen Bennett, Tony McManus,  Harvey Reid, Peter Lang and numerous others on today's fingerstyle guitar scene.


 “The rolling poise and cumulative harmonics of “Pearl St.” and “The Eyes of the Fair Molly” are partly descended, inevitably, from John Fahey. But there is some David Crosby (a penchant for jazzy, gently angled chord progressions), and a refreshing, unhurried pace in “Kittens” and the ’68 title piece “Partly On Time.”  In a genre where players often seem to rush to mysticism, Nelson plays here as if he has all the time in the world to leave his mark.  ~ David Fricke ~ Rolling Stone

“This is American guitar music born not of the blues, but glistening, plaintive chaconnes and tone poems with their roots in Segovia medievalism, European folk music, and the Northern renaissance.  Beguiling and strange, this is a real find.”   Mojo Magazine  

“Kinloch Nelson’s terrific Partly on Time comes to us via the ever-reliable Tompkins Square label. Rescued from age-old tapes, the slightly lo-fi sound here is deliciously warm and stony, the perfect setting for Nelson’s laid-back instrumental compositions. As a player, Nelson is an original; he rambles but never meanders, wanders but never gets lost. A total gem, well worth your time.” ~ Tyler Wilcox ~ aquariumdrunkard.com

“Sublime solo guitar work from Kinloch Nelson - very much in the more underground acoustic side of the 60s - post-folk, and dedicated to unusual tunings -  with a very personal, lyrical quality that almost makes Nelson something of a bridge between the older Takoma Records scene, and the acoustic underground of the 70s.”  ~DustyGrooves.com

...  “Solitudes,”  is a gently bucolic instrumental that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Nick Drake record, at least until it falls into practical silence in its midsection, kept awake only by the soft brush of friction ridges and the solitary pluck of strings that twinkle like newly ignited stars in the dark.”underscoremusicmagazine.com


Website: https://www.kinlochnelson.com/
iTunes: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/kinloch-nelson/1454435433?mt=1&app=music
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kinloch.nelson.5
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=kinloch+nelson

Roan Yellowthorn - Saturday April 13th, 2019

... Roan Yellowthorn front woman Jackie McLean, supported by producer and multi-instrumentalist Shawn Strack, delivers ethereal indie rock songs with a singer/songwriter heart. Listeners find themselves singing-along to the catchy melodies while simultaneously becoming immersed in the story behind each song.

With their arresting sound, innovative collaborative process, and undeniable talent, Roan Yellowthorn is poised to be one of the most compelling acts of their generation. With tendrils in pop, rock, indie, and folk, their music is at once familiar and like no other music today.

"We simply love this amazing duo and future superstars...  This is a band that is going to be talked about for a long time to come...   There is not a weak track on this album, and every one could be a potential hit." - LA Music Critic

"...reminiscent of Bright Eye’s mood-setting sampling...McLean’s lyrical delivery is full of Regina Spektor-like earnestness."   - DMNDR

"Indigo is a cohesive collection of full-bodied pop songs..."  - DMNDR

"...(an) effortless blend of indie pop, rock, with folk influence."  - Music, Why Not?

"...outgoing-yet-introspective pop...McLean is a storyteller as well as a pop craftswoman...." - Seven Days (Burlington, VT)

"'Indigo' ... intermingles pop, rock, indie and folk — with a singer/songwriter's heart — making the music simultaneously familiar and fresh. " - Camden Herald 


Website: https://roanyellowthorn.com
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/roan-yellowthorn/1083451890
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ROANYELLOWTHORN/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=roan+yellowthorn


Austin MacRae - Tuesday January 1st, 2019



Austin MacRae is a singer/songwriter residing in Ithaca, NY.  He has appeared at venues such as Club Passim, the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival (Emerging Artist), Turtle Hill Folk Festival (New Voices Showcase), South Florida Folk Festival (songwriting award winner), Ithaca Festival, Oswego Music Hall, and Homer Center for the Arts.  He has opened for acts such as Keller Williams (spring 2018), Amy Speace, Toby Walker and Cosy Sheridan.  His debut album, Bats in the Attic, won a Syracuse Area Music Award (SAMMY) for Best Folk Recording of 2015.  His second album, Keeper, won a SAMMY for Best Americana in 2018.  He was recently selected as a Semi-formal Showcase Artist at the Northeast Regional Folk Alliance in Stamford, CT, and was also a Suzi Wollenberg DJ Showcase participant.  His work has also been featured on a variety of radio stations and shows, including the Sundilla Radio Hour, hosted by Kelly Walker.


Website: www.austinmacrae.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/austinmacraefolk/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCitSANXND_fyRQcJnN0-gXQ


The Rough & Tumble - Friday September 21st, 2018

(is Mallory Graham & Scott Tyler)

... The Rough & Tumble started in 2011, but hit the road full time in 2015 with their road dog.  Three years later, Scott Tyler and Mallory Graham are still traversing the country, having released their 5th EP, Cardboard and Christmas Lights (Rock Candy Recordings, Black Mountain, NC) in February 2017.  They're new release, We Made Ourselves a Home When We Didn't Know (February 2018), was recorded over a winter in East Nashville, TN, incorporating everything from housewares jangles to the eclectic multiple instrumentation used in their live shows.  The Rough & Tumble are quick tongued classic folk with modern voicing, weaving their voices in such a way as to insinuate a ghostly third.  And they're packing all this Americana in to a 16' camper with nowhere to call home for the foreseeable future.


Website: http://www.theroughandtumble.com
iTunes: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=The+Rough+and+Tumble
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theroughandtumble/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=The+rough+and+Tumbl

Kevin Paris - Friday Sept 8, 2017

... LA based singer-songwriter, hug dealer and yoga musician, Paris has toured the world performing his infectious, feel-good music.  As an independent artist, he has played over 1,000 shows worldwide, amidst recording 4 albums while living in Brazil, South Africa, Hawaii and all over the US.  Between his soul-stirring vocals, lyrical craft, storytelling and uplifting spirit, he's known for delivering intimate, unforgettable performances. And hugs. More at kevinparismusic.com


Instagram:  (@kevinparismusic)  http://instagram.com/kevinparismusic
iTunes:   https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/kevin-paris/id371037525
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/kevinparismusic
YouTube:   https://www.youtube.com/KevinParisMusic

Trae Sheehan - Saturday July 21st, 2018

... An old soul from the eastern panhandle of West Virginia, twenty-year-old Trae Sheehan has been writing songs and performing since the age of ten. A lover of imagery and storytelling through lyrics based on old stories and poems, he never shies away from the hard stuff, instead setting it out in the open to be heard and discussed. Pulling inspiration from the country/rock sound of The Eagles, and the folk roots of Bob Dylan, and the swift melodies of John Denver, his songs are written from a place of honesty with an understanding of people and culture gained through his travels and performances. With his guitar in hand and a new album ready to be released there’s no telling how far he’ll go.


Website: https://www.traesheehan.com
iTunes: https://geo.itunes.apple.com/us/artist/trae-sheehan/1020887192?mt=1&app=music
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tsheehanmusic/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Trae+Sheehan

Ana Egge Band - Friday April 27, 2018

... "We were always the outsiders," says folk songwriter Ana Egge of her early roots in a small North Dakota town of 50 people. "I was taught how to shoot a gun and how to enjoy alfalfa sprouts and tofu, raised by two back-to-the-land hippies. My folks loved the outdoors and eccentric people; I ran around barefoot and learned to ride a motorcycle when I was 5. I grew up with all the time and space in the world." Egge has since traded the openness of the American Plains for the untamable wilderness of New York City, recorded seven albums, and worked with musical legends such as Ron Sexsmith and Steve Earle. She's been around the horn of life's experiences, having gotten married and become a mother, but that childhood spirit of freedom has matured on her latest album, Bright Shadow.


Website:  (rlitowitz@gmail.comhttp://www.anaegge.com
iTunes:  https://itunes.apple.com/ca/artist/ana-egge/74472460
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ana-Egge/51964832589?sk=wall
YouTube:   https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=ana+egge

Cu-Cu - Saturday April 14, 2018

... "Miles George, aka Cu-Cu, has been writing & recording songs since he was 10. From 2006 to 2017, Cu-Cu has written & recorded 6 full length albums, 2 EPs and a whole batch of throwaways. His integration of electronic pop and indie rock has made his music catalog diverse in many ways. He plays shows every now & then, but mainly plays for whoever's in the room at the time."


Website: https://cucumusic.bandcamp.com
Email: cucukid@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cucumusic
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/deweydoit

My Darling Clementine - Tuesday April 18, 2017

... are a Birmingham, England based couple Michael Weston King and Lou Dalgleish, who began to perform together as My Darling Clementine in 2010, after 10 years of marriage. Check out their music

Originally their music playing was a side project, a labour of love, a homage to the classic country duets, but My Darling Clementine is now very much part of the country and Americana landscape, courtesy of 3 albums, over 300 shows and numerous awards.

The debut album, How Do You Plead? was produced by Neil Brockbank (Nick Lowe, Tift Merritt). It was a highly acclaimed record on both sides of the Atlantic – Country Music People called it ...the greatest UK country record ever made and American Songwriter proclaimed it ...as authentic as anything out of Nashville or Texas …A batch of superb C&W corkers.

Such praise led to a US record deal and invitations to appear at the Americana Music Association in Nashville and SXSW in Austin.

Babak Elahi - Sat. Jan. 14, 2017

Babak Elahi is a guitar playing Folk / Alt. Blues / Folk Rock musician from Rochester, NY. Check out his music

Babak Elahi is a singer song writer inspired by blues and folk on the one hand, and by progressive rock and Persian pop music on the other. Leonard Cohen (peace be upon him), might be where some of these lines meet. Leonard Cohen was loved both by folk fans, and all the Persians Babak grew up with in San Diego. Other influences include Cat Stevens/Yusef Islam, Taj Mahal, Jimmy Cliff, and Bob Dylan, but also Pink Floyd, Richard Thompson, and Peter Gabriel. Babak's songs are odd, counter-intuitive mixtures: rock anthems disguised as folk songs, dark nursery rhymes masquerading as pop ditties, mythology-inspired lyrics to an Andalusian cadence. Like his Zoroastrian ancestors, he mixes the light and the dark. His latest influence these days is Dave van Ronk.

Christina Custode - Sat. Nov. 12, 2016

Christina Custode (Cus-tō-dē) is a Grammy-considered, multi-award winning, singer songwriter and pianist currently based out of the greater Buffalo area. She recently released her first full length original project “From Here”. The album consists of 13 original songs written and performed by Custode and produced by the legendary Stuart Epps (Elton John, George Harrison, Led Zeppelin).

11/01/2015 Local Musician Christina Custode Receives Five GRAMMY Award Nominations!

Local musician Christina Custode is one gifted musician with a good story. She is a classically trained pianist, vocalist, composer/arranger and a graduate of the prestigious Eastman School of Music, Rochester, New York.  Christina Custode has been recognized locally (Best Female Vocalist, Art Voice 2015 and 2013) for her original music, which transcends jazz, pop, folk, and rock. Christina is on the verge of national recognition as well.

Custode has received five GRAMMY® Award Nominations for her original song Fire. This contemporary piano and vocals piece is up for awards in five categories: “Best New Artist”, “Song of the Year”, “Best Pop Solo Performance”, “Record of the Year” and “Best Arrangement, Instrumental & Vocals” (with Stuart Epps).

Christina Custode

Philip John Lewin - Sat. October 29, 2016

"... and the rain came and washed away the watercolors of my dream..."
Our performer hails from Canada and has released five albums: Am I Really Here All Alone, Diamond Love, Live in a Garage, Real Classic and Improvisations.
Philip John Lewin CD's

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